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Dear friends,

We regret to announce that, after almost 8 years of development and efforts to offer a simple solar autonomous alternative to private transportation, we have decided not to continue with the evovelo project.

Due to the enormous difficulties in raising funds and the current climate of uncertainty, we have made the decision to put the project up for sale, as it has not been possible for us to successfully complete the production of the first units.

We are hopeful that maybe another company will be able to fulfill what we began and we are open to proposals.

We are very proud of the whole community that has been created around our project and we sincerely hope that other alternatives will emerge that will inspire us as much as did.

Best regards,
evovelo Team

we design solar bio-hybrid vehicles
for the everyday commute

mö is a Solar bio-hybrid vehicle for the everyday commute. Practical, agile and versatile, it’s an innovative and ultra-efficient urban vehicle. It combines the advantages of a car such as safety, weather protection and comfort, with the low energy consumption and space utilization of a light electric vehicle. The portable battery system, flexible cargo capabilities and gearshift system, makes it easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure of day-to-day life. mö charges through built-in solar panels to restore energy into the removable battery, which can also be charged via electric mains. Using a socially responsible highly cost effective management system, its design takes into account the durability of materials and systems, with priority on: safety, sustainability, maximum longevity, reliability and low maintenance. It represents a very real alternative to private transportation in urban and peri-urban areas and its versatility can extend to tourist, leisure and institutional sectors of any size.

mö view from the side
mö view from the rear
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mö is classified as a pedelec (EU) or tandem tricycle making it both road & bike lane legal and can be driven without a license. The QS electric motor can give over 1500W of max power, with a max speed of 45Km/h* and can be operated through assisted pedalling. mö has a fully enclosed, stable, monocoque structure, with front crash crumple zone, side impact protection, hydraulic brakes with EBS (ABS equivalent) and seat belts. It has been designed for optimised visibility to see whilst driving and features a full set of lights to be seen. Steering and control over vehicle functions are via a centered multifunction joystick, with simple electric and mechanical gears and reverse function which make manoeuvring easy and mö’s compact dimensions (W 1.4m x L 2m x H 1.3m) allow for remarkably convenient parking in urban areas

The integrated SunPower solar panel ≥200W and Panasonic removable lithium battery (LiIon) ≥1200Wh (48V, ≥25Ah), provide a range of ≥40-50 Km on electric mode only and ≥50-70 Km on electric mode + pedalling.** 1 hour of solar charge, moving or parked, can restore 5-10Km of range*** into the battery and 5-7 hours of charge via electric mains can restore the battery from empty to full.**** An optional secondary battery and charger can be installed, which work in parallel with the main battery and charger, to increase range and faster charging times. You can expect to drive over 5.000Km a year on solar power alone, even in the worst cases of low sunlight.*** It is a highly cost efficient and sustainable vehicle, from production through to use, providing complete energy independence on sunny days. It is simple to assemble, repair, service and/or customise, with all necessary client support on offer.

For the full list of features and technical specifications, please download pdf here:

download full specifications

*Power, speed and other parameters can be modified via software in order to accommodate the vehicle to different national legislations.
**Range according to current tests: 30-75 Kilometres.
***Solar Charging is mainly influenced by: light, latitude, season, temperature, battery state, vehicle orientation and shades.
****Charging from mains is influenced by: mains voltage, temperature and battery state.

mö details
mö details
mö details


evovelo is an internationally recognised and award winning company, born out of Malaga, Spain. Our motivation is to contribute 'real' solutions toward sustainable private transportation by developing a vehicle which can provide easy independent mobility whilst also minimising the exploitation of material and energy resource. We focus on using facts, logic and scientific methodology to inform our approach in order to create something with true global value. The result of all this is a vehicle which conceptually sits between an automobile and bicycle and which operates on clean and renewable energy, a critical and unresolved area.

evovelo considers collaboration and improvement as some of its most important values. Harnessing these qualities early on in our evolution, we established a Beta Tester program which combined the knowledge of 100 people from different sectors and backgrounds, across 16 countries and 5 continents. It took the concept of 'knowledge sharing' one step further and to date, is one the most celebrated features of this project. We will continue to foster a culture of collaboration by basing our work in co-creation and open source philosophy. evovelo operates within a social economy framework and was founded to act in the interests of many.

working on mö prototype
working on mö prototype
working on mö prototype
working on mö prototype

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