Vehicle reservation


Preorder your mö to have access to the first untis of the vehicle once it's launched.

  • Guaranteed funds
  • Delivery time: 10 months after reservation
  • Final payment when production begins

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363,00 € VAT incl.

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You can be one of the first owners of a Solar bio-hybrid vehicle.

For only 300€ (taxes not included), as a deposit, you can guarantee delivery for one of the first units. When we are ready to enter into production, you will be notified and then full payment will be required in order to produce and deliver your mö. The price will not exceed €5.000 net and will include the €300 reservation fee. Applicable taxes and expenses arising from the sale will be applied according to the law. Shipping costs will be charged on top of the final sale price. The vehicle will be delivered in a maximum period of 10 months, from the date of reservation. If the vehicle is not ready in that time an option to extend the order by 3 months or get your money back, will be offered. The first units will be served in kit form to all clients including those outside the European Union. For turn key/ready-to-use vehicles, clients must be within the European Union. As we complete the certification process internationally, turn key/ready-to-use vehicles will be made available in countries outside the EU. All the documentation regarding the project as well as the technical specifications of the vehicle are available at We strongly advise you to visit this periodically, especially before completing the full payment of the vehicle, as the certification process may incorporate changes and improvements.

For all communications related to the purchase of a mö please contact