About Us

Our Company

evovelo is a Cooperative Company borned within the social economy

Combining our knowledge and professional expertise we have developed a new concept: a vehicle that transports people and goods, based on eficiency criteria, sustainability and environmentally friendly.

Our team

A multitask team for an innovative product

From the founders to the people that help us each day on this proyect, we all aim for just one thing: give you the chance of moving around on a sustainable and ecological manner.


I firmly believe that Open Source collaborative hardware design is the best way to push alternative mobility innovation. I will personally follow the project to propose ideas around automobile technology and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

Ramon Sanchez, Harvard University's Center for Health and the Global Environment

The perfect join between the opensource approach and the top-notch ingeneering to build a game changer vehicle called to fully renovate the private urban commuting.

Luis Hernandez, Uptodown's CEO