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is a solar urban vehicle that will be approved as a tandem tricycle, fully enclosed to protect users from the weather conditions, and capable to hold two people and some cargo and/or one or two child seats. it's ultra-efficient and built with sustainable materials.

Powered by a powerful electric motor which is powered by a battery that is charged by the integrated solar panels, the user can enjoy some exercise thanks to the assisted pedaling. With a normal use (10-25 Km per day, which is the usual range in most cases) the CO2 produced is 0 KgCO2 / km, because all the energy comes from the sun. With intensive use (approximately 40 km per day) emissions will be as low as 0.001 KgCO2 / km or even lower depending on the source of electricity used to charge the battery.

description and benefits

Its design combines the comfort of a conventional car with the benefits of an electric bicycle

mö draft
mö draft
  • A fully enclosed structure that provides great security and a comfortable space for the occupants and allows its use all year round, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Up to 2 passengers seated in parallel (social) and variable amount of load and/or one or two child seats.
  • Minimum environmental impact due to its efficiency and the use of sustainable materials.
  • Very low purchase and maintenance costs.
  • Due to its technical characteristics it can be registered as a tandem tricycle so it will ensure big savings on insurance and tax costs, also no license will be required to drive it.
  • Its small size (2m long/1.4m wide/1.3m high) and its low weight (~100 Kg) makes it very easy to park and provides it great maneuverability.
  • Range on electric mode: 40/50 Kms.
  • Range on electric mode + pedalling: 50/70 Kms.
  • Removable battery that can be charged simply by plugging the vehicle or removing it to charge at home, at the office, etc.
  • No need to charge the battery with moderate use
  • Provides health benefits as it allows you to exercise during its use thanks to the assisted pedaling.
  • It is designed to be sold as a ready-to-use vehicle or as a kit. That simplifies product distribution and international expansion of the company.

3d mö


and options
  • Size: 140cm wide, 200cm long, 130cm high
  • Capacity: 2 pax + luggage and/or children seats
  • Weight: ~100 Kg
  • Cargo: 220 Kg Max
  • Autonomy electric mode: Up to 50Km
  • Foldable windows
  • Aluminum and/or composite 20" rims
  • Drum brakes front, rear electric
  • 6/7 gears
  • Carpets
  • Mirrors
  • Anti-puncture wheels
  • Direct drive motor, 1200/1500W+ (UE 250W/350W)
  • Embedded solar panel ~200W
  • Regenerative brake
  • Removable battery, ~1000Wh+ (48V 20Ah)
  • Internal/external charger ~400W
  • External charging sealed plug
  • Light set (lights, turning, emergency, brakes), reflectors and Horn
  • Price: ~€4500 net

Currently evovelo is working on the design of various optional features that we will offer to our customers in a steady improvement of the initial model.

We also plan to design versions for a single occupant and for freight.
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