Our Project

evoveloWe are specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling solar vehicles, that combine the comfort of conventional cars and the benefits of alternative means of transportation, according to efficiency, profitability and environmentally friendly criteria.

Our first model, , is a solar vehicle ready for commercialization.

provides an alternative and viable solution to the transport of people and goods in urban environments.

Its added value and its main competitive advantage is to be an innovative, ultra-efficient and eco-friendly vehicle, specially designed for the urban daily commuting.

offers all the comfort that the user requires.


We are a sustainable company, economically, socially and environmentally.

AWe are strongly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility throughout our supply chain (from the business model to the product).

Our model enables the development of local economies allowing easy internationalization.

We use agile methodology (Lean Manufacturing and Lean Startup), which allows our quick adaptation to the market.

We aim to introduce and spread the use of this technology and become the world leader in this type of vehicle, supporting the co-creation by working on Open Source.


We have achieved important milestones, obtaining over seven recognitions in the last year.

has drawn attention worldwide in countries such as Spain, United States, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Italy and Romania.
We also have:

  • 37 Beta testers
  • 19 distributors worldwide
  • 26 collaborators
  • 20 potential partners
  • 5 institutions and professionals interested in using as a teaching tool
  • 8 people interested in using it as a learning tool
  • open negotiation processes with investors.

Market Segment

The main market segment are adult and young people interested in trends and willing to pay for new technology and comfort. People that also appreciates products that offer added value to society and to the environment. These are urban residents who already have a car for long distances and are looking for a second worthwhile, green, efficient and innovating vehicle for commuting distances.

ev trends

Our market is located in areas developed enough to have the infrastructure needed for distributing and driving this kind of vehicles. Europe, United States and Latin America are potential markets that are already interested in our product. Thanks to the Beta Testers Program that we have launched, we already have potential manufacturers/dealers in USA, Ecuador, Mexico, UK and Germany.

getting ready for a change of paradigm

After receiving almost 500 applications we closed the inscription period for the Beta Testers Program on the 10th of March

During the autumn of 2017 the participants in the beta testing program all over the world will receive their kits, ready for assembling, and will collaborate on the final design of the mö, which should be ready for the general public by the beginning of 2018.

* Timeline could change slightly depending on the betatesters feedback

your reason for investing

If you are interested on investing,
please contact us by telephone or email.

(+34) 670 515 814