evovelo is a company borned within the social economy. It was founded by four people combining their knowledge and professional expertise to develop a new concept: a vehicle that transports people and goods, based on eficiency criteria, sustainability and environmentally friendly.

Our goal is to design and manufacture vehicles that enable personal mobility minimizing the exploitation of material and energy resources of the planet.

During the last ten years we have been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance batteries for various projects aiming for the highest efficiency, so we have gain great knowledge researching in the field of lithium batteries, its derivatives and their uses.

Our previous business was focused in serving engineers, technology centers, technology companies and universities. Thanks to these businesses we have great experience in the technology sector with particular focus on batteries, electric motors, and electronics.

We have to add to our professional experience, personal motivations that push us toward finding a clean, economical and sustainable transportation system as well as efficient.

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