• limited beta program testing

inspired by game-changers

  • curves are sexy
  • sweet but hard
  • the future is here
  • simplicity & glamour
  • awesome and fun!
  • beauty in small packages
  • a recall from the past
  • timeless design
  • run by nature
  • made of wood

a new driving experience:
mö combines the benefits of a bicycle
with the comfort of a car



~85 Kg

1-2 h
Charging Time*

50 Km/h

~4500 €

* Charging time only applies when sun is not enough and you may need to plug in any electric socket

Open Source
evovelo's project is for the benefit of society, from an economic social and environmental perspective.

Cost Efficient
evovelo's mö strives to provide a cost efficient alternative to the urban commuter.

evovelo is commited to disrupting the industry through strategic partnerships and collaboration.

evovelo's mission is to design and manufacture vehicles that minimize energy consumption and pollution.

the open source magic

We are convinced that mö should be an Open Source initiative, in terms of making its design freely available. The project is for the benefit of society, from an economic social and environmental perspective.

We are impressed by the collaborative outcome from the Open Source Movement in software, media and hardware. More precisely on hardware projects like the Global Village Construction, Makerbot and Greenheart Project as a benchmark, make us dream big about what evovelo and mö can become in the future.

The more designers, engineers and end-users that we collaborate with, the bigger impact we will have in the automotive industry. Please do not hesitate to reach out and share comments or ideas as we build a community.

In order to make mö a real Open Source project we just associated evovelo with Onshape. They offer a technology that has the ability to share and collaborate with anyone worldwide on very easy and transparent platform.

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help us design mo

Fill out the form below to express your interest in becoming part of evovelo's Limited Beta Testing Program.

an evovelo representative will contact you within 48 hours to evaluate your background.

once accepted into the program, you will have to pay a reservation fee of €100.

enjoy the mö experience
be among the first ones to own a mö and be part of the design creative process.

what would you get?

Gain access to the exclusive Limited Beta version of mö and get a 20% discount on the final production mö beta kit price.

Become part of the design process
Priority access to evovelo's core designs and full detailed information, and access to Onshape Open Source designing tools.

Community support
Receive exclusive evovelo's perks and show your support to our mission!

Colaborate with us and/or distribute our products
On a near future we will be looking for employees, collaborators and distributors, we will give full priority to the persons and companies involved on the Limited Beta Testing Program. So, if you have any interest on working or collaborating with us or become a distributor this is the place to start.

This is a time-limited opportunity and available for a maximum of 100 beta testers.

looking to invest?

If you are looking to invest in a revolutionary product that will change the way of commuting,
please call us (+34) 670 515 814 on or send us an email to

frequently asked questions

about mö

  • Where can I find more info about mö?
    You can download the technical specifications here. And you can contact us for further info
  • When I will be able to order the mö beta testing kit?
    February 1st, 2016, check timeline
  • an I get a fully assembled beta testing mö?
    No, the beta testing units will be only on kit format, if you want a fully assembled mö you will have to wait to the final version, check timeline
  • Where can mö be driven?
    mö can be driven anywhere that a bicycle can ride, unless otherwise regulated.
  • Where can I park my mö?
    mö can be parked anywhere a car, motorcycle, or bike can, unless otherwise regulated.
  • Do I have to follow the rules of the road?
    Yes, mö is like any other vehicle.
  • Do I need a license to drive mö?
    No, as it is considered a bike you will not need a driver’s license.
  • How safe is mö?
    It is almost a full size car and together with the lights makes the mö very visible on any road usage.
    The full vehicle body also works like a helmet that protects the occupants.
    Also during the designing process security is addressed as one of the most important key features.
  • Does mö has an alarm or other anti-thieve system?
    Alarm and/or blocking system will be an option in the final versions of mö.
  • Why mö has that shape?
    The shape was inspired mainly by the tear-droop trailers and other similar shaped bicycle weather covers and the Elf from Organic Transit.
    We find out that that “egg” shape gives good structure stiffness, optimal inner space, and quite good aerodynamics.
  • Why the mö has no round corners?
    Because it is designed to be made with sustainable materials and simple CNC tools available worldwide.
  • Is evovelo thinking about other vehicle models?
    Yes, we have several ground-breaking designs in mind.

about open source / design

  • How can I get a beta test unit of mö?
    You can ONLY can have a beta testing unit of mö if you’re part of our Beta Testing program.
  • Can anyone be a Beta tester?
    No. Only if you are elected through evovelo's Beta Testing program.
  • How can I get formally involved with evovelo?
    We will choose partners, collaborators, distributors and employees from the Beta Testing program.
  • Is it easy to build the mö beta test kit?
    Yes, you will not need special tools or equipment, just some normal tools and a bit of hand work.
  • Do I need to know how to use a 3D drawing program to collaborate with you?
    The Onshape platform has been designed to be much easier to use than a traditional 3D drawing platform, (SolidWorks, Autocad, etc.) so with some practice anyone can use it.
  • Can I collaborate on other areas apart from design?
    Yes, there are many other areas that you can collaborate, like Investing, Consulting, Volunteer, Manufacturing processes, Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Suppliers Search, Distribution, Sales, etc.
  • It is necessary to have a CAD program or any other program in order to work or view your designing files and processes?
    No, you just need a regular computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection.
  • Is the design and info open to the public (Open Source)?
    Not yet, it will be available only to members of the Limited Beta Testing Program.
    It will be fully Open Source after the beta testing program is completed, aprox. April 2016, check timeline.
  • Can I share the designs or any other evovelo's content?
    Not yet, only the designated OPEN files or information can be shared outside the Onshape platform.

about the cost

  • Why entering this program costs 100€?
    Mainly because we want the people to be engaged to the program, you can see more details here.
  • Is it refundable?
    Yes, this amount will be discounted from the price of the final beta testing mö kit. It is not refundable in any other way.
  • What is the price of a beta testing unit of mö?
    Kit price for the Beta Testers will be lowered 20-25% of the kit market price (between 4500€ to 5000€ depending in final config), so the price of the beta testing kit will be around 3500€.
  • If I am selected to be in the mö beta testing program, is it compulsory that I finally buy the beta testing kit?
    No, you can leave the program at any moment.
  • How can I distribute mö?
    We will select partners, collaborators, distributors, and employees from the Beta Testing program.
  • When will be mö produced for the market?
    After the end of first quarter 2016. check timeline.
  • What if this program isn't for me and I only want to order a mö?
    Well, you are lucky then, as from the 1st of February we have opened a reservation period for when the final product is ready for all public. Order your mö here.

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In compliance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal details will be incorporated to a commercial file owned by evovelo,s.c.a. in order to respond to your request as well as to send you any further information. If you wish to access, rectify, cancel or, where appropriate, opposite please send us a request via this form.

we partner with the best

harvard t.h. chan school of public health
Price Waterhouse Cooper
Dat Venture

"I firmly believe that Open Source collaborative hardware design is the best way to push alternative mobility innovation. I will personally follow the project to propose ideas around automobile technology and sustainable manufacturing techniques."
Ramon Sanchez, Harvard University's Center for Health and the Global Environment.

"The perfect join between the opensource approach and the top-notch ingeneering to build a game changer vehicle called to fully renovate the private urban commuting."
Luis Hernández, Uptodown's CEO, Mobile App ditribution leader.

a committed team

maricarmen blanco
Maricarmen Blanco
CEO. Economist with over 20 years experience in the public and private sector.
gonzalo chomon
Gonzalo Chomón
Product Manager. Mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience in design and manufacture of batteries.
david tome
David Tomé
Design & Marketing. Designer, web developer and seo with 14 years experience.
marimar izquierdo
M.Mar Izquierdo
Social Manager. Over 20 years of experience in customer service, social network geek.
Loyal Supporter. Food, rubs and siesta enthusiast.

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